How to setup Prometheus Exporter for HAProxy

As of 2.0.0, HAProxy includes a Prometheus exporter module that can be built into your binary during build time.

To build with the official Prometheus exporter module, make with the following EXTRA_OBJS flag:

make TARGET=linux-glibc EXTRA_OBJS="contrib/prometheus-exporter/service-prometheus.o"

Once built, you can enable and configure the Prometheus endpoint from your haproxy.cfg file as a typical frontend:

frontend stats
   bind *:8404
   option http-use-htx
   http-request use-service prometheus-exporter if { path /metrics }
   stats enable
   stats uri /stats
   stats refresh 10s

Put the configuration above in the HAProxy configuration file and then restart the HAProxy service and then go to the following URL


By Dennis Otugo

Dennis Otugo is a Consultant at Bantrain, and loves all things DevOps. In his role, he enables enterprise customers in their digital transformation journey and helps architect cloud-native solutions